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About Rock & Rose Landscapes

Rock & Rose Landscapes is an award-winning landscape design, construction, and garden care company, hewn from the combined operations of two venerable San Francisco landscaping mainstays -- Rock and Rose Landscaping and Birkmyer Landscape Associates -- respectively founded by garden maker and plant ecologist, Mike Boss and ace landscape construction professional Phil Birkmyer.


Committed to our people 

Today's Rock & Rose and its venerated team of professional builders, gardeners, and designers is led by General Manager, Paul Hazell.  Together, a dedicated team that proudly carries forward the tradition of creating and caring for the beautiful landscapes and treasured garden spaces that have become the hallmark of Rock & Rose Landscapes.

Committed to the environment

We care deeply about the potential impacts our work can have on the environment, and believe it's our duty to reduce and eliminate potential harms from our work by adopting and promoting environment positive strategies and water-wise practices such as utilizing zone appropriate plants; encouraging lawn alternatives; the use of slow-release organic fertilizers; and deploying integrated pest management and non-toxic weed control practices; as well as converting to use of rechargeable electric equipment; installation of smart irrigation timers, and more.

An over 30-year commitment to creating and caring for beautiful landscapes and remarkable gardens!


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