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Our design process

It begins with an in-person consultation and the thoughtful creation of a three-phase custom landscape design program generally consisting of...

  1. Discovery and Concept Development

  2. Planning and Design

  3. Approval and Estimation

And specifically include site analysis, base map creation, technical review, and general project development; leading to project documentation including construction plans, elevations and other site and design details, planting plans, irrigation, lighting, and more. 


We will then guide your project to its final stages of approval and estimation, and when desired, all the way through permitting and construction. 



We work with some of the Bay Area's finest Landscape Architects, Designers, and General Contractors, 


Together with our team of in-house professionals we provide our clients an essential range of design, project development, and landscape construction services that enable us to deliver beautiful landscapes and fine garden spaces throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Please see below for more details!

Project Development

Is your project planning missing a key element, resource, or technical component?


Whether designing your own project or working with an independent architect, designer, or general contractor, additional perspective, input, and review can be essential in moving a project forward to completion.

Please see below for more details!

Project Development Services Key design and estimating services offered on a consultation basis  separate from our full-service design process-- a project planning solution for home & project owners, independent designers, architects, and general contractors needing a custom approach to planning and developing fine residential  landscape and garden projects. ​ The following design and estimating work components comprise our Project Development offerings:  ​

Preliminary Technical Review

Preliminary Budget

Project Estimating

Value Engineering

General Project Oversight & Consulting

Design Completion Services

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