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Design  Studio  Workshop

A new space and way to meet, make, and collaborate with designers & clients.

Over the years we've had great success in sourcing, designing, fabricating, and installing custom project elements, ranging from functional landscape components such as planters, fire and water features, seating and more, to original works and objects of art...sculpture, unique artifacts, original artistic lighting, as well as reclaimed, repurposed, and upcycled fixtures and building materials. 











We've long thought to have a space that would enable us to venture down these creative paths with our clients, project designers, and architects, more readily...a space for gathering, reviewing plans, and to physically compare and contrast project elements... show-and-tell with finishes, fixtures, plants, pottery, accessories, and more.  


All of which was in mind when we became aware of the opportunity to bring into the Rock & Rose Landscapes family, Urban Farmgirls Garden Design Company(UFG), a boutique garden design, installation, and garden care company with a unique and  creative offering, all its own -- the design and local production of a wonderfully stylish and functional stone-like rustic pottery, made in small batches to create pots & planters, garden accessories, and more.   









Rock & Rose Landscapes Design Studio and Workshop -- A creative extension of Rock & Rose Landscapes providing a collaborative design, meeting, and planning space; as well as workshop and production space for our award-winning landscape installations, garden enhancements, and now its small-batch UFG and custom rustic pottery, garden accessories, and more.  

We'll be carrying forward much of the existing UFG(Urban Farmgirls) product line, and offering some newly developed pieces as well;  All while utilizing new and old formulations of here to find out why it's so great!  

Rock & Rose Landscapes design studio workshop will soon be housed in our Rock & Rose Annex Building at 1600 Cortland Avenue, in San Francisco, and open by appointment only, with UFG products available for purchase now at our online store @

Urban Farmgirls

Now available from 
Rock & Rose Landscapes

Urban Farm Girls Logo San Francisco Garden & Product Design.jpg

made in San Francisco
rustic hand-made planters and decorative vessels 

Rock & Rose Landscapes, Urban Farm Girls, Handmade, Hollywood Succulent Planter
Rock & Rose Landscapes, Urban Farm Girls, Handmade, Succulent, Planter

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